Saturday, August 1, 2009

At home with Tyrus Books

Many of you know this already, but I thought I would make it official here at Blogpocalypse. My new crime novel THE DEPUTY will not be published with Bleak House books this August as planned. You may have heard that the main cool types at Bleak House (Ben and Alison) have run off to start another publishing enterprise called Tyrus Books. I'm pleased to report that Ben was able to sneak me out in a steamer trunk, and THE DEPUTY will be a Tyrus title in April 2010.

Now, I need to beg a bit of patience from some of you nice people. The move to Tyrus means a new ISBN# and some other paperwork. This means all you fine folks who awesomely pre-ordered it on Amazon or elsewhere might have to order it again once Tyrus gets it all straight. I hope you'll all stick with me as we make the transition. I've also had some helpful people say they're going to review it or mention it on blogs since they've read (and approved of) advance copies. Coolness. Just hang on a few more months. Thanks.

Again, I'm excited. I'm very happy so many of you enjoyed Go-Go Girs of the Apocalypse, and I'm grateful that so many of you have told me how much you're looking forward to Vampire A Go-Go. But I'm very eager about THE DEPUTY. You know .... to show I haven't called it quits with crime writing. No way.

Stay tuned.


Steve Weddle said...

Pissed I have to wait, but it'll be worth it. Gives me time to read Shotgun Opera and that earlier Go-Go book. Keep writing them, and we'll find them & read them.

Randy Johnson said...

Yes, wherever you go, rest assured the rest of us will be right behind you. As Steve said, we will find them.

D.S. said...

I am very impatient when I'm looking forward to something, now I have to wait longer. Oh well, I'll survive... somehow. Why the sudden change in publishers all of the sudden anyway?

Nathan Cain said...

I just finished The Deputy this weekend, and I was all ready to post a timely review this week. Now,I find out I'm eight months ahead of schedule. Great.

Jay W said...

As fun as GO GO was, I would be VERY disappointed if I never read a book as good as SHOTGUN OPERA again. That book was a revelation for me, and started me on your work. I've now read everything that you're written to date. Keep writing crime fiction - please!