Sunday, August 30, 2009

Website A Go-Go

Hey, people! My new novel Vampire A Go-Go hits stores September 1, and we all know how important good word of mouth is for the success of a book. I'm hoping you'll help me by talking it up. Another way to help is to spread around this promotional website: The site is a bit minimal at the moment, but I'm hoping to add more content later. As always, I want to thank you gluttons for punishment who keep coming back for my next book. I luvs ya!



Hey Vic,

here's Matteo Strukul, your man in Italy, at the moment i am in Amsterdam and i have bought yesterday my copy of "Vampire a go go" at the American Book Center and now i'm here ate the University of Amsterdam and i am reading a fabtastic book, maybe your best one, what a fuckin'great story man, and the good news is that in November we will publish "Pistol Poets" in Italy with MERIDIANO ZERO, so what can i say? I am soooooo excited, hope to come to LOUISIANA for Christmas, hugs,


Victor Gischler said...

Matteo! So good to hear from you. Great news about PISTOL POETS! Have fun in Amsterdam!


MysterLynch said...

Vamp A go is a good time and should be purchased by everyone.

Mr. Vic, you continue to amuse me. Please get off your ass and write another book!

Anonymous said...

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