Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The New Book

Folks, today is the official release date of VAMPIRE A GO-GO. A tale of the vampire, werewolf, sorceror, alchemist, zombie, witch, grad student variety. I hope you guys will all stom your local book store and buy up every copy there is. Seriously, for us non-James Patterson type authors, word-o-mouth is crucial to a book's success. So if you happen to read it, and happen to like it, I hope you'll take the time to talk it up. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Got it Captain. Pushing it on other folks as we speak.


Randy Johnson said...

Holding it in my hot little hands right now. The UPS man just delivered it.


Ehi Vic, I have written a small customer review of "Vampire a Go Go" on www.amazon.com to support your wonderful work, i have read your book and love it, thank you so much my friend



Victor Gischler said...

Excellent! You guys kick butt.

Matteo, my father sends his regards.


Iren said...

Will be stopping by my local Myster book shop and have them order me a copy this week.

Jeff Shelby said...

Barnes & Noble, Highland Village, Texas. After a little talk with one of the BN customer people, VAGG now has a much more prominent place in the store than it originally had.

Victor Gischler said...

Shelby is the man! I like to think maybe you got somebody in a headlock!