Thursday, November 4, 2010

Motion Pictures of the Apocalypse

Hey, folks. About time I brought you guys up to date with what is happening with the film version of my novel Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse. I want to thank the previous producer who did his level best to bring the project together, but nobody bats a thousand, right? New producer/director Jason Hewitt of Films in Motion has picked up the option and hit the ground running. The distributor is super excited about this project, and so are the rest of us. If the website seems like it hasn't been updated in a while, that's because Jason is uber-busy supervising the editing Blood Out (a film he directed) and supervising another picture called The Courier. This guy earned his bones making very modestly budgeted action films and is now doing projects all over the place. He's one of the major players in the burgeoning Louisiana film scene.

What is in store specifically for Go-Go Girls? A high budget slick motion picture? A down and dirty grind house sort of thing? Well, a lot of that depends on me since I'm writing the screenplay. (*gulp*). A good script attracts talent and can move the budget up or down. Uh, no pressure on me, right?

So in between Marvel deadlines, I'm attacking my own novel, deciding what can stay and what can go. Jason and company don't drag their feet. They like to get off the dime and make movies, so I don't have the luxury of lingering over multiple drafts of the screenplay for eighteen months. IT'S GO TIME, BABY!

More as doings unfold ...


Gerard said...

On the complimentary fan side: Congratulations.

On the rude fan side: Don't screw it up, asshole.

Will you add in a scene with the main character whacking off for several days straight and then throwing out his porn collection?

Victor Gischler said...


Your rude fan side sounds very similar to the advice my wife gave me.

See you in Milwaukee.


DeadpoolNakago said...

Good luck, and, hey, if you get behind, just remember that no one can compare how much better the book is to the movie, then :P

BTW, I vote grindhouse poster with slick movie filming.

John DuMond said...

Just remember the secret to a successful screenplay: gratuitous nudity. I read that somewhere. One of Syd Field's books, I think.

Seriously, though, I'm really looking forward to seeing Go-Go Girls hit the big screen.

Amy Sanchez said...

Hey Vic, looking at the covers for X-men #7 & #8 the covers seem to feature Cyclops and Emma, are they included in the team?

As they are in every other x-comic (sadly)

Victor Gischler said...


I hear you. The fact is I started the story arc without Emma (for reasons you allude to) only to find out that the story actually called for her to be in it. So, yes, you'll see plenty of Emma. Cyclops will make an appearance in the first issue of the arc and then fade to the background ... so maybe that helps.


Amy Sanchez said...

Ah cool i'm sure it's going to be great. Also it may be good for Emma not to be attached to Cyclops' leg for a change, add that to a little bit of Gambit and it's a must buy for me.

Unknown said...

You know, the first time I read this book, I was in the islands on vacation and I kept putting the book down because I was afraid that I was going to finish it too soon. I was trying to savor the book but I was burning through it so fast. Once I did finish it, I immediately fliped back to the beginning and just kept reading. I have been saying this would make a great movie since I first read it and seeing this has gotten me excited about the whole thing. I'm glad you are writing the screenplay and like the other comments say... Don't screw it up!

Is there any kind of a timeline set as to when this might be expected to be completed?

Oh, and I think you should write another one in the Post Apoclayptic genre. It's been a favorite of mine for a long time.


Lewis Clark said...

Looking forward to watch the movie, all the best and caste will justify the characters of the novel. Please do no divert from the novel as many novelist do.