Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Alex Grecian is a sharp, clever guy, and when a sharp, clever guy writes a novel you should probably check it out.

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Crabby MC said...


Do e get a "This is what I did in Italy" report from you?

When does your next, and is it last x-men, go on sale?

You keep teasing the trampy shevengers looking comic, can you give us some details?

Crabby "bottom feeding" MC

Crabby MC said...

Aw Gisch below you had the perfect question to mention Crabby's influence on your artwork with the whole use a super power to do regular household stuff but you let me down-

Crabby "No Love 4 Me?" MC

ps- that was in this upcoming issue right and not the last one?

Nrama: X-Men has been your longest regular gig in comics, and I would guess that the type of feedback you get from X-Men fans — a very dedicated, passionate breed — is very different than you receive from your novels or other comic books that you've worked on. To what extent have you interacted with the X-Men fanbase, and how have you enjoyed that experience?

Gischler: I decided pretty early in the going that reading too much reader feedback online wouldn't help very much. I'd read on some board how I got all the character voices all wrong, and then two minutes later read on a different site how I really nailed the character voices. So it didn't seem useful to go looking for these comments.

On the other hand, when a reader emails me or drops me a line on Twitter saying how much they enjoyed a particular issue or story arc, I'm always grateful. Naturally as a writer I want readers to like what I'm doing. What you said about X-Men readers being very passionate is right on the money. Lots of passion there

Victor Gischler said...


You are of course the single greatest influence on my body of work.

Look for X-MEN #28 to see a super-hero using his power for "regular stuff." Hint: Reed Richards.

Crabby MC said...

Yeah Take that Emerson LaSalle-------

I expect the actor that plays Mr. crabs on Sponge Bob to play me in the movie..

Thanks VG

Crabby MC

Crabby MC said...


Did you get and read that piece that I sent you? I hope you enjoyed it if you did

Crabby "can't spell masterpiece without" MC

Crabby MC said...

Ship in a bottle----LOVE IT!

Crabby "craftsman" MC