Wednesday, August 28, 2013

INK MAGE ... the new epic fantasy novel from The Gischler

Folks, I'm pretty excited.  Since I was a little kid and knew I wanted to write stories, I ALWAYS wanted to write a fantasy novel.  For the past couple of years, I've had an idea brewing for a fantasy novel.  It wasn't until the the Amazon publishing imprint 47North gave me the green light that my idea could see the light of day, and so I'm humbly asking you to order INK MAGE.  It's an Amazon serial which means you get a new installment every 2 weeks.  Here's the thing: eventually it will all be collected into a "for real" novel -- paperback or eBook.  But if you wait until then the price will go up.  If you order now, you get it for the El Cheapo price of 1.99.

The first installment hits in October, but you can pre-order NOW!

Rina Veraiin has been given a gift, a tattoo that unlocks the special power within her ... and allows her to get other tattoos each of which affords her a new and exciting magical power.  With this power, she can hopefully avenge her parents and reclaim her rightful place as Duchess of Klaar.

Wizardry, sword stabbings, romance, adventure!

I'm asking you to jump on board now for 1.99 ... click HERE.



Brett Battles said...

Done! Can't wait to read it.

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks, guys!

winston said...

Aww but us polite Canadians can not participate.

Mel Odom said...


Victor Gischler said...

Thanks, Mel!

Winston ... I notice it is not available in the UK either. I'm thinking this is coming later ... ? I'm going to look into it.

BoomWav said...

I ended up buying the wrong books on Oh well.. I really wanted to buy them but it seems it won't be possible.

TexasBearMom said...

When does the next one come out? I just finished it and O M G. I love it.