Friday, August 30, 2013

The Undiscovered Country ... same old author, brand new genre.

As many of you may have noticed (because I won't shut up about it) I have a brand new novel coming out in October, a fantasy story called INK MAGE.  While I'm not new to the genre as a reader -- I cut my teeth on Tolkien and now love current work by writers like Brent Weeks and Mark Lawrence -- I am VERY new to the genre as an Author.

I feel like what I've written is good.  I hope you think so too, and I hope you click the link above to pre-order.

But any author who's been through "the process" can tell you that the battle isn't over when the book is finished.  How do you get the word out?  Where do you go to interact with your peers?  You have a number of novels under your belt, but not this kind of novel.  Are you a rookie again?

I feel like I've moved into a great new house in a cool neighborhood, but I don't know where anything is ... the supermarket, the movie theater, the brothels church.  So I need some kindly neighbors to save a lost newcomer.

If you have a blog and are a fantasy fan with fantasy readers and would like me to guest blog ... ?  Cool.  Is there such a thing as a "fantasy press"?  How do I get in on that?  In short, I simply want to connect with the appropriate readers.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.


Graham Powell said...

Just go to WorldCon. Dressed as Rina.

I guarantee you'll get attention.

Victor Gischler said...

You're banned from this blog, Powell!

loneract said...

Can't wait!

SF Signal, SFSite, Reddit's r/fantasy are good starts.

Obviously Charlie Huston mixes crime fiction works with urban fantasy and sci-fi, and the end of Frank Bill's Donnybrook was heading somewhere out of the american south . . . Maybe they have some pointers?

Eichenlaub said...

Do reddit, do SF signal, Sword and Laser podcast is also a good idea, they drink and interview authors.