Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Star System

If you're reading THE TATTOOED DUCHESS (Book 2 in A Fire Beneath the Skin) then you have my sincere gratitude.  You purchased the book.  You're spending your time reading it.  That's pretty awesome.  So why am I asking you for a favor now?  The fact is you don't owe me a thing.  There are a lot of books out there, and the fact you've chosen to read mine is amazing.

But if you enjoyed the book and want to spread the enthusiasm, please consider leaving a review at Amazon.com.  Like Ink Mage, The Tattooed Duchess is being published in serial form from Amazon's 47North imprint.  This is fantastic as it let's lots of readers get the book on Kindle for a very affordable price.  But ...

Unlike with other books, we won't see The Tattooed Duchess in Publishers Weekly or Booklist or other such places where people might usually find out about new novels.  Spreading the word depends on readers like you.  If you thought the book was awesome, then leave a review.  If reviewing is not your thing, that's cool too.  Like I said, I'm just grateful you're reading.  Today marks the halfway point in the novel's serialization.  A "the story so far ..." review is perfectly acceptable, or maybe you'd prefer to wait until the story is complete.

Whatever happens, whatever you do, thanks for reading.  Without you, I'm just some guy typing words in my little room.

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