Saturday, January 13, 2007

Feel the tingle

I'm happy to report that Spinetingler Magazine has put Shotgun Opera on its list of best reads for 2006. Yeah, baby! I sure appreciate it. To check out the entire list, click over to Spinetingler Magazine.


Sandra Ruttan said...

When Ken Bruen is telling you, "Read Victor Gishler" you don't argue. You just go to the bookstore.

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks, ladies. I appreciate it. That Ken Bruen is a sweetheart of a guy. (And his Brant Series is tops.)

Hey, look, Lori! More women posting on the blog!

Come back and visit any time.


Anonymous said...

It's a great book, I'm not surprised. Of course it was also on my personal best of list!

Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Where'd all the porn go?

Rob Smith said...

Loved Shotgun Opera. It would make an awesome movie.

And why are we talking about books on a porn site?

Victor Gischler said...


It *would* make a hell of a movie. Uh ... you don't happen to be a famous film director by any chance? Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask.