Friday, September 21, 2007

Getting my Geek on

I'd like to apologize to my wife Jackie for getting her into this. She used to be normal. Now I've got her hooked on Red Dwarf ... a funny-ish sci-fi show from the UK. We recently purchased the entire eight seasons on DVD.

I say "funny-ish" because the show isn't necessarily the funniest comedy to ever hit television. I think of the show as more amusing than flat out hilarious, but the fact is I genuinely like the characters and enjoy spending time with them.

Now if I can just get Jackie to start watching Venture Brothers ...


Anonymous said...

Right then.

Since you seem to be getting into the SF thing with some gusto, a book I'm reading that I think you should read:

Outrageous Fortune by Tim Scott

He's a Brit. Which means the bastard can write better than every American while still in the damned womb!

I think he's trying to get a bit of the audience Jasper Fforde has created.

Yeah. Fforde's a Brit too.

Damn them.

Oy, you better read Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis too. HE's also a BRIT!!

Victor Gischler said...


I've long been a science fiction reader, so it's not much effort to get into it.

I'm writing down your suggestions.


Patrick Shawn Bagley said...

Smeg. I've been a RD nut since '89. We have the first four seasons on DVD and worn out VHS copies of five through eight.

Anonymous said...

So, Victor, would you like some toast?

(You'll understand when you hit that episode!)

Victor Gischler said...


Ha-ha. I've actually already seen most of the episodes years ago. (Mostly the first 4 seasons, actually ... catching an episode here and there of the other seasons.)