Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Emerson LaSalle Scholarship

From Professor Fury. Check it out HERE.

Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Mr Gischler: I posted this question on another blog before realising that perhaps I should have also asked you. If you substitute "Mr Gischler" for "Bill"...
Bill: There's a rumor that Emerson LaSalle's fourth agent dropped the ball and let many of LaSalle's early works fall in to public domain. I mention this because a friend of mine in Borneo insists that the children's TV show, "Biker Mice from Mars", was a direct rip-off of an E. L. novel of the same name. Would you know anything about this? [I know LaSalle's bibliography is spotty at best, but I have a fold-out TV dinner tray from the B.M.F.M. program and I'd be glad to donate it if there's ever an Emerson LaSalle museum. I mean it would be the right thing; credit where credit is due and all that.]
John McAuley

Victor Gischler said...


That's a new one on me. I'd not known about Biker Mice although it's well known a number of old TV shows ripped off many of LaSalle's ideas. Space:1999 borrowed heavliy from LaSalle's MOONBASE:1975 (since it was written in 1939, 1975 seemed like a good jump into the future.)

Anyway, have you seen Professor Fury's recent post at ? Ask him your question. He knows his LaSalle lore a bit better than I do.


Anonymous said...

Mr Gischler: Many thanks, but I've decided that facts and legends have become more tangled than my neighbors family tree so I'll just enjoy the work E. L. left behind. I'm going to list the Biker Mice From Mars TV dinner tray on E-bay and donate any proceeds to the local food bank in LaSalle's name. [I was going to donate the money to PETA but given the way LaSalle got ate as bait I just don't think that would be appropriate.] On a more serious note: I sincerely hope you and yours have a great holiday! And go Lions! [The Detroit Lions of course, not the lions who might eat an author.]
All the best,
John McAuley