Saturday, November 17, 2007


The manuscript of Emerson LaSalle's final novel DID NOT ARRIVE by FedEx as expected. I am in a sweaty panic. The books was typed on an old Smith Corona and there is NO COPY!!! We've tracked the package as far as New Orleans. I'm thinking of driving down there with a revolver and making it clear that I fully intend to have that manuscript.


Graham Powell said...

I still can't believe you ripped off the title of LaSalle's Go Go Girls From Planet Damnation.

Joe said...

LaSalle wrote the Gold Medal classic BLACK WINGS HAS MY ANGEL under the pseudonym Elliot Chaze.

Victor Gischler said...


Great writers steal. Everyone knows that.


Mr. LaSalle actually told me that he wrote nearly a hundred of his novels under other names ... one of the reasons his books are so hard to track down. To make matters even more complicated he never used the same pen name twice.


mybillcrider said...

About that delayed (or lost) package: I blame the Bush administration.

K2 Subculture said...

Lol this was a very fun update and written in a very fun way as well! here is to hoping that you get your hands on the manuscript soon