Friday, February 25, 2011


X-MEN #8

Bring money.

(And thanks for all the kind words on this issue. You folks are tops.)


James K said...

Hi Vic, loved this past issue (especially Gambit).

Apoliges if this has already been asked but is this the set team or will it change drastically from arc to arc?


Victor Gischler said...


Keep in mind, I don't have total contol over everthing that happens, but I would personally like to see more of Storm, Gambit and Wolverine and then a 4th (5th?) team member that might change as dictated by the needs of the story. But it's hard to see the future until it is upon us, which is why I'm hedging a bit.


Lebeau2501 said...

You're not disappointing one bit! Love the book (and the Cajun's dialogue). Hope you have a long run and they keep throwing top-tier artists your way. Personally, I don't care if Wolverine is in the book or not. I could just read any other Marvel title and get a Wolverine fix. I could read Gambit and Storm stories for 100 issues.