Saturday, December 22, 2012

Emerson LaSalle on the Dick Cavett Show

In 1970, William Holden had been scheduled to appear on the Dick Cavett Show but had to cancel at the last moment.  One of the show's assistant producers happened to know there was a science fiction convention in a hotel four blocks away.  He was dispatched immediately to fetch one of the writers and turned up forty-five minutes later with Emerson LaSalle.  Below is a short excerpt from that interview.

Cavett: But you do include quite a bit of sex in your novels, yes?

LaSalle: Yes.

Cavett: Why is that?

LaSalle: Why?

Cavett: Yes.

LaSalle: Do you ask other authors why?  Do you ask Gore Vidal why?

Cavett: But some might say there is a certain garishness to your work and the sex offers a sort of distraction form that and becomes a trick you rely on.

LaSalle:  It's a good trick.  Should I rely on a bad trick?

Cavett: Well --

LaSalle: Really that's like saying a gourmet bistro relies on the trick of fine food to lure in customers. "Gee, I hope our fine cuisine distracts from the fact our tablecloths are a bit off."

Cavett: That's a point.

LaSalle: You do approve of sex, don't you, Cavett?  Even enjoy it from time to time?

Cavett: Yes, but in your novels, characters always seem to be having sex with aliens.  We're not so broad-minded in the Cavett household.

LaSalle: Well, that's the difference then, isn't it?  Your so-called literary writers seem entirely too fascinated with what's happening in the household or the neighbor's household or whatever's going on down at the market.  I'm too ambitious for that.  I have a universe to conquer.

Emerson LaSalle's recently reissued novella There Are Alien's Behind Uranus, Mr. President is currentl available on Kindle.


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff!

BTW, your name has come up today in conversation at Peter Rozovsky's Detectives Beyond Borders blog.

Anonymous said...

BTW, forgive any distortions of evidence of the past. My memory ain't what it used to be (i.e., from the Lanier, Dews, and Momberger era).

Victor Gischler said...

What does R.T. stand for?

Anonymous said...

R. T. (Tim) Davis, formerly (and still) UWF.

Perhaps I have recruited at reader or two (or more) at Peter's blog.

Victor Gischler said...

What does R.T. stand for?

Victor Gischler said...

Hey hey! Hi Tim!

And thanks for the recruitment!