Sunday, December 16, 2012


Folks, I'm excited!

As many Blogpocalypse readers already know, I am a long time fan of pulp genius Emerson LaSalle.  His work is cheap and ridiculous and lurid and I just can't get enough.  I've now been informed by my contact at Big Fake Press that they are FINALLY re-releasing one of LaSalle's old novellas THERE ARE ALIENS BEHIND YOUR URANUS, MR. PRESIDENT after a lengthy legal battle with the LaSalle estate.  I'm not sure why they picked this particular novella for a new edition as it is especially terrible even by LaSalle standards, but any LaSalle is better than none!  The new edition hits Kindles THIS WEEK.

If you you want a FREE sneak peak, you can read "Harry Truman vs The Aliens" the short story which acts as a prologue for THERE ARE ALIENS BEHIND URANUS, MR. PRESIDENT. Again, it's free for your Kindle right here.

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