Monday, December 17, 2012

New E-edition of Emerson LaSalle ready for your Kindle

Ladies and gentleman, I have been waiting a long time for my favorite pulp writer Emerson LaSalle to be in print again, and thanks to the magic of E-books, Big Fake Press has started the ball rolling with the novella THERE ARE ALIENS BEHIND URANUS, MR. PRESIDENT currently available on Kindle.  I eagerly purchased my own copy of the novella and read it all in one sitting last night.

So ... Huh ...

Even by LaSalle standards, the novella is full of gratuitous sex and violence, and while this is usually LaSalle's strength, this time it was almost like LaSalle wanted to hold you down and force feed you a particularly greasy piece of pork.

And yet ... I could not stop pressing the button on my Kindle that makes the story go to the next page.  I find that I am eagerly hoping for the next release the same way a junkie shamefully wants his next fix even though he knows it will kill him eventually.  What will the next LaSalle release be?  Vixen Shamus?  Gestapo Mars?  The Reluctant Enthusiast?

So I wrote to Big Fake Press and here is their reply:

              Please stop emailing us.  We're very busy.  Please .

But they did also mention that the short story "Harry Truman vs The Aliens" will be erased from Amazon after the free promotional period is over. (So try it while you can.)  The reason for this is that the short story acts as a prologue for There Are Aliens Behind Uranus, Mr. President and will be included from now on with that novella.