Tuesday, December 2, 2014

INK MAGE is a December monthly deal for your Kindle!

I thought that the Kindle version of Ink Mage had been put on sale for Cyber Monday, but my publisher informs me that the novel is actually a kindle monthly deal.  This means they've knocked a couple bucks off the price.  So if you've been waiting to pull the trigger on this novel, then now is the time.  Or -- since this is the season of giving after all -- maybe it's a good gift choice for the fantasy lover and/or Kindle user in your life.

Ink Mage is the first book in the A Fire Beneath the Skin trilogy.  I'm grinding hard on the sequel now.  (Deadline!)  But, hey ... the sequel won't make quite as much sense unless you read the first book.  So come on!  Make with the click click.

Get Ink Mage right HERE.


J said...

Posted on an earlier post by accident but looking forward to a sequel!

J said...

Just finished reading the paperback version that I picked up earlier today. I'm an avid fantasy fan and Ink Mage was definitely a very entertaining book with a departure from the usual cliched plot elements like some titles.

Read it over 1 long sitting and was left wanting more. Did find the ending a bit too short and would really want a sequel. Not in serialized releases I hope ;)

Victor Gischler said...


Thanks for reading!

Book 2 is coming ... but sorry, yes it will be serialized. That's the deal I have with my publisher. However, for people who aren't keen on the serial thing, I simply suggest letting all the episodes accumulate before starting to read.