Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Issue number five of SALLY OF THE WASTELAND brings our exciting and irreverent post-apocalyptic tale to a close (for now).

But with endings come new beginnings!  (And new sales pitches!)

All five issues of SALLY OF THE WASTELAND have been collected into a handsome hardcover with a nice chunk of bonus material.  The book will be available in a few months, and as always, I encourage you to pre-order at your favorite local comic shop.

But, hey, this is the internet, so here's a link right HERE if you'd rather order online.

Working with artist Tazio Bettin and Titan Comics was a hugely rewarding experience, and I'm proud of this crazy, B-movie comic.

So ... throw lots of money at the hardcover.  Thanks!

Some stuff people said and junk:

"B-Movie magic in comic book form." -- Comic Book Therapy

"This comic pays a perfectly honed homage to the days when there was little distinction between sex and violence. And it does it with a kick." -- Bloody Disgusting

"To say that the art is amazing is an understatement. " -- Comic Bastards

"Sally is a character you’ll either love or hate.  She’s like Harley Quinn and Deadpool – sassy and full of chaotic impulses.  She skirts the line between being a full-on cartoon character vs. someone who has adopted a care-free outlook on life to avoid internalizing the horror of the outside world.  Mostly she’s just fun.  If you enjoy either of those series and want to give something new a shot, I highly recommend this book." -- Rhymes with Geek

"Long story short, this (in my opinion), is a fantastic "Testosterone" comic. Not too heavy handed on the story, plenty of action and nothing offends my artistic eye. So go ahead, crack open an ice cold beer and have a read." -- Comic Crusaders


Gerard said...

According to my records I already ordered this on July 12th.

Victor Gischler said...

Gerard, you should order 3 or 4 more just to be sure.

Mo said...

I am done procrastinating, I just ordered my copy.

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks, Mo!