Friday, January 13, 2012

Say hello to my new Italian publisher


Solveig Dittrich-Piva said...


Crabby MC said...

Victor- any chance of one of you comic characters posting something on facebook that leads to chaos and mayhem on earth?

Twitter? Four-Sqauring their location and being attacked by an arch villian that wants to be mayor of the Ninjava coffee shop.

Remember the Awesome Djurdevic cover of Thor Listening to an i-pod?

Any chance you can explore how cyberlife and super hero life enhance or clash?

Crabby "anti-facebook Pro-Gischblog" MC


Thank You Bro!

Tazio Bettin said...

Oh, glorious! Hello! :D

Gigistar said...

Hi Victor,
the hype is growing daily about this new project and readers are looking forward to sinking their teeth on the first tidbits Revolver is about to launch.
So good to see you as one of the top names for this new publisher. Definitely smells like a breath of fresh air in the Italian market! Way to go!

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks, guys! Looking forward to coming to Italy again!