Thursday, January 5, 2012

THREE ON A LIGHT: Behind the Music

What is a "collection of linked stories"? Good question. My answer: a collection of stories that go together to tell a larger story. That's THREE ON A LIGHT, a collection of stories that relate the life and times of Private Detective Dean Murphy who takes cases involving werewolves, witches, vampires and other things that go bump in the night -- all as the result of a cursed Zippo lighter. You can read more about the story "Dolls" here.

It's also the story of a grad student who thought he was pretty clever ... meaning I wrote the bulk of these stories as a grad student in creative writing years ago while attending the University of West Florida. I wanted to take the tropes of different genres and mash them up for a pulpy mix of fun. Has this been done before? Yes. By more talented writers than Gischler? Almost certainly. But at the time, I was pretty excited about my "experiment." Ha. Well, live and learn. What I think I got most out of writing the stories in Three on a Light is that it exercised particular muscles I would later use to better effect in my novel Vampire A Go-Go in which there are ... werewolves, witches and vampires -- Oh, My!

So Three on a Light definitely falls into the "early rough work of a fledgling author" category. But that's not to say I think it's bad. No, indeed I do feel there is some decent entertainment value there ... certainly enough to give it away for free which is what I'm doing for a limited time.

That's right. FREE. If you have a kindle.

So click right here and help yourself. Call it a late Christmas present.

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Crabby MC said...

Aww Gisch and I didn't buy you anything........well ponder this would you.....What happens if Storm & Thor both fight for control of the weather????? hasn't happened yet to my knowledge.

Crabby "but no longer Flabby in 2012" MC