Saturday, January 21, 2012

Thanks, Folks. "Harry Truman vs The Aliens" still FREE on kindle.

As you may have noticed, I've been pimpimg a free story on kindle called "Harry Truman vs The Aliens." It's a pulpy sci-fi yarn written by my alter ego Emerson LaSalle. You can find outr more about the legendery LaSalle HERE.

I just wanted to remind everyone that I'm not looking to make one red cent on this short story. If it were up toi me, it would always be free, instead of free for just the next few days. Rather, my goal is to jazz up some interest for the forthcoming LaSalle novel There Are Aliens Behind Uranus, Mr. President. The events of "Harry Truman vs The Aliens" lead directly into the novel, and really the short story sort of acts as a prologue. So I want to get this free story onto as many kindles as possible (including kindle apps for iPads and smart phones) to help pave the way for the novel, and I'm hoping you'll help spread the word. Tell folks, talk it up, tweet it, whatever. If you frequent science fiction or pulp fiction or kindle message boards, let them know about the freebie


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